Monday, 28 February 2011

New Toys!!! woooo hoooo! :^D

Thanks to my lovely O.T. i've just had some new toys installed into my flat, but not toys that most 'normal' people would get insanely excited about (like me.....)- as they're mobility aids! 

my favourite of all is this one:
a bannister along my hallway so i can walk along the hall without both crutches and still not hit the floor! wow, rather novel concept! ;^D it still needs to be either varnished or painted as it's just unsealed wood but has already made a huge difference and it's not been in my flat for longer than a few days! i'm very tempted to paint it white and then stick smiley face stickers all over it, with a coat of clear varnish over that. i love stickers, the brighter the better! i've currently only got them plastered on my crutches and braces and none on my new toys.... methinks a sticker buying spree on ebay is gonna be required soon!! 
also got a perching stool that has been used looooads today (it arrived this morning). i cant believe how much easier it is to make a cup of tea when you dont need to struggle to remain standing up. it's a genuis invention! 
and got these 2 for my bathroom (and the railing on the tiles):
the bath is an odd size (a 3/4 size bath and not a full size one) and so was between sizes for the bath boards so we opted for the sightly narrower one as the wider one would have stuck out and when sat on the whole thing would have tipped. it's fixed underneath so it's safe as i'm only little, would probably be a different story if i was larger. and my midget step! a huuge step for me to be able to sit on the board as my legs were miles too short! lol!

i was suppose to also get railings around the toilet but the fitter was reluctant to drill into the floor as we couldn't see where the soil pipe was running, but he wasn't very nice and tried to coerce me into accepting it as done with the rainings just sat there. had to explain several times that it would tip if i leant on just one side but he just couldnt figure that one out. i tried explaining it several times but it just wasnt going in so i made him sit on the toilet and stand up pressing weight through only the right side (my left hand and shoulder are pretty useless) and then the penny dropped and he understood. i'm glad he finally got it- i was about to bang my head on the wall in frustration. so it went back to the warehouse with a note written on the delivery note thingy. 

my bed raiser rail thingy also had to go back as the wrong one had been ordered. he wasnt too impressed by that either!

and got a rail so i can attach my therabands and do my leg physio. the fitter was adamant that he knew best and the rail could not be there. but i stuck to my guns and he relented. unfortunately he wouldnt install it in the way it would have been the most useful (vertical) as a little horizontal line had been put on the diagram he got. so i now have a place to attach the band to do my knee exercises but not my feet. warned him that if my physio's didnt think it was adequate that he'd be getting a call to fill the holes and re-install.

feel a bit sorry for the poor guy, he obviously thought i'd be a pushover as i'm physically disabled (and so probably thought mentally disabled too as a surprising amount of the population think they always come together....) and look really young. oh how wrong could he be!  lets just say he learned his lesson........

my day was going great until i got my presciption prepayment in through my letterbox. i always forget when it's due so it comes as a shock and not cheap at £104 but FAR preferable to buying every item at £7.20 so i forked out the cash out of my savings. better to pay £104 year rather than over £1500!

was feeling a tad low after paying that as funds are running rather low as it was without forking out more money but my cat, Tiger, amused me tons by getting exceedingly excited by the salmon that i'd taken out of the freezer while re-organising my freezers contents. i wasnt intending on eating it but she went totally nuts! climbing all over me and drooling! so i gave in and roasted it for dinner and gave her a little, and i've never seen food vanish that fast in all my life- i blinked and it had gone! i turned my back for a second and found her removing all the last traces of fish off my plate. methinks i'll be sterilising that plate..... lol! but tum protested less than i expected so flare up is already easing. woohoo! now just for the pain everywhere else to go away.....

fi xx


  1. Hi honey,

    Cool new toys, I got a new stair rail fitted last week and hand rails in the bath so no more (well, less!) falling over when showering.
    Are you not eligible for a HC1 help with healthcare costs certificate? I am and am on ESA and DLA only for my income. You can get the HC1 form from most opticians, dentists and some doctors surgeries. It entitles you to claim back your travel costs for hospital trips to if you get the HC2 certificate (full costs). If you get it you can claim back the cost of your pre-prescription certificate (or most of it).

  2. hiya,

    i tried to apply for it a while ago but was rejected as i have contributory esa and you need the income based one to qualify for help. i dont claim any income based benefits so have to pay the full costs, if i'd known that when i applied i'd have considered the income version.... ah well, hindsights a wonderful thing ;^)

  3. Hey Fiona, fellow EDSer here, I'm FeistyKitten from the BYDLS forums. Nice toys! I'm looking forward to "inheriting" a bath chair soon, since I'm not on any assistance. Stupid process takes forever, and in the US they deny you for any little thing. BLAH! :( Good luck on your physio with the bar being the wrong way, I'm sure you'll make due! :)

  4. good for you fiona, standing your ground, i find that looking younger is sometimes a hinderance too. glad you got the equipment to make your like easier, sure does help.

    sweet little cat. x

  5. Just stopped by to say hello, I adore your cat, we have three. Each with their own personality and adorability.

    Really pleased the equipment is going to help.