Sunday, 27 February 2011

London transport passengers at their finest. only one word to say to them - karma........

What the heck is wrong with people these days???! they seem to have lost all the manners that their parents taught them......

had to go into central London for a CT scan of my hips on Friday afternoon at uclh hospital. journey there all ok. scan more than ok- was there early so was seen early and as the machine is the new sort the scan took 5 mins rather than 15. all good so far.

until the journey home..... :wall:

made my connection to from warren street to Leicester sq ok but from there it all went a bit wrong. i got on the train ok, positioned myself by the 'priority seating' and ask loudly and politely if anyone could please give up their seat for me (as i really cant stand on a moving vehicle without falling). & generally there's always one person somewhere in the carriage who leaps up and offers their seat to me (and usually not the ones in the priority seating). at the very least there's usually someone who helps me sit on the floor safely. but not on Friday. everyone in the entire carriage did the 'i can see or hear you' act and the train moved off and i fell, nice and hard. :shock: i fell heavily against the clear plastic barrier thingy next to the seats before i hit the floor and made a lot of noise so the guy sat in the seat next to it DEFINITELY heard it (and must have felt it too) but he still ignored me. i tried in vain to make eye contact, but they were doing their best to look everywhere but at me. so i stayed sat on the floor for the 11 or 12 stops till south ealing when lots of people got off and seats became available, so i got up with some effort and went to take the priority seat..... and was beaten to it. :wall: people were literally running and side-step leaping in front of me to beat me to it, one man was millimeters from knocking me down. the speed and agility they all showed left me with little doubt that they were far more able bodied than me.


repeated my polite request and got the same response. so i fell again again. both times i fell on my dodgy hip that was still darned sore after my orthopaedic assessment last week so i cant describe the pain, it was so far above my pain tolerance that i was close to tears (but will never cry in public after the last time i cried on public transport and was spat on). due to the damage to my hip and left leg, when i got to my station (approx 17 stops from Leicester Square) i had to crawl off the train throwing my crutches in front of me (again, NO-ONE checked i was ok) and had to sit on the platform for about an hour till i was able to walk (and then could only walk as i took loads of painkillers). then it took me almost another hour to get up the stairs, out of the station and walk the short walk to the bus (usually takes me only 5 mins). :evil:

so a 45 min journey took me almost 5 hours and i was in tears by the time i got home from the pain and frustration. and relief - I've never been so relieved to be home in all my life! I'm visibly disabled- got crutches, lots of braces etc so it was obvious i may have needed a seat even without asking, so i guess the lies the press are spreading about us disabled (that we're ALL benefit scrounging scum even if we're not on any, we're the cause of the credit crisis as we're all workshy, etc, etc.....) are being believed. fantastic. well done to the press and the government. we should give them a round of applause.......

AAGGGGGGHHHHHHHRRRRRRR! so hurt like heck today (feel like I've been in a boxing match and
:evil:  lost) IBS and gastroparesis are all flared up now, keep vomiting and feel like the living dead. fantastic. i'm soooo glad for my pals at church today who made me feel so much better, was tempted not to go as i really dont feel too well but as usual it was worth it! and i've even got a pal from church wanting to come with me to my next appointment in central london to act as my bodyguard! yay! she's a formidable woman when she wants to be so i'll feel a lot safer having her there.

Lets hope my week improves before i loose the small shreds of sanity i have left! got some stuff from the O.T. arriving tomorrow so *should* be a good day. But then, i'm also gonna be starting on a course of nasty antibobos..... ah well!

two small pictures i couldnt resist taking as i looked so ridiculous. NHS chic at it's finest, although the quality of the fabric was better at this hospital compared to my local one. and it had both ties so my bum wasnt on view. always a bonus! and why are they always 'one size fits all'?? it went round me loads of times and if it was any longer i'd have fallen over the end! lol!

fi xx

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