Monday, 21 February 2011

Oh insomnia, how i love thee.....

I’m frustratingly wide awake at silly o’clock in the morning (3.55am). I’m far too awake, I’m never this awake during the day…. Maybe I’m over-tired?

My pain level certainly isn’t helping me get to sleep- I had my orthopaedic appointment on Friday lunchtime at UCLH in central london & the consultant was brutal during the examination, particularly when he did the hip impingement tests. So I now feel like I’ve been run over by a speeding double decker bus, I hurt soooooo much, far more than I expected to. The journey to this hospital used to take me 45 mins but took me 3 hours now that i'm so broken, so I’m soooooo not looking forwards to travelling for my CT scan on Friday at UCLH. It’s at 4pm so it'll be rush hour on my journey home- I’m fragile and get injured & dislocated from only a small nudge, so crowds of people are my idea of hell. Methinks I’ll be camping out in the UCLH café for a few hours with my book….. At least they have decent coffee (Costa coffee outlet) so waiting for the tube chaos to ease won’t exactly be a hardship! Lol! ;^D

And I’m so unbelievably excited that I’m finally getting my assessment with the lightweight wheelchair man at the end of March! Wooo hooo! So I’ll soon have my freedom back! Yippeeeeee!

Apparently it’s time to try and sleep again…..The cat is sat halfway down the hall and whinging at me. It’s obvious she wants her human hot water bottle in the bed with her & I expect she’s also doing her impatient foot stompy thing too- she’s so cute when she’s mad at me! ;^D it’s amazing that a creature who can’t speak English can still clearly get her point across! Lol!

Night! (or more accurately- morning!)

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