Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I’m about to become a new wheelie! woo!

I’m about to become a new wheelie! yipeeee! should get my chair in about 6-8 weeks and struck gold as my borough don’t do the voucher scheme and so are paying for my chair to me made custom built just for me! And nothing for me to pay! Not a penny! I can’t believe my luck and not entirely sure how I qualified and got through their rigorous qualification criteria (they're super strict cos they don’t do the voucher scheme) as I can still technically walk with crutches.... (Although not very well, and only for very short periods of time, and every step is really painful) but I’m not complaining one bit! :^D I was fully expecting to have to fight for my chair, I got so worked up and stressed over it and it was all for nothing as the assessment went fantastically! The question of qualification never came up at all so obviously the first assessment and all the backup info from my physios, doctors etc was sufficient. Yay!  I hoped I’d sleep well on the night of the assessment but I was waaaay too excited about my chair to sleep (and still am…. I’m like a kid waiting for Father Christmas to arrive!).

I’m getting a customised rigid Ti Lite although not sure which model, don’t care though as all their rigid chairs look fantastic and are around the same weights. All have these flashy, fancy pants spinergy wheels that are sooo easy to push! Tried a few chairs and was shocked how easy it was to push the TiLite compared to the others, and they were all of similar weights… had a proper try of the chairs and got to try them on the lino floor of the assessment room, on the carpeted hallway and outside over the pavements, cobbles, down dropped kerbs etc and put my choice of chair into and out of my car to make sure I could manage it. Fab assessment! Proper fun!  And I got a free cup of coffee in the assessment! Woohoo!

But, best of all- when I was sat in the TiLite chair I almost had no pain from my SI and pelvis! That’s dead unusual for me, I usually always hurt there in varying intensities and on the day of the assessment my SPD was awful so it took me a while to figure out what was different when I sat in the chair. Think the assessors though I was a bit odd as I sat there all confused for a while, then got really, really excited when I figured out what the difference was! Soooooo can’t wait to get my chair and be able to go places that I currently can’t get to (like the zoo, aquarium, museums, shops without needing to queue sat on the floor, national parks, ‘walks’ with friends…. I’ll be able to go feed the ducks again without needing to sit practically in the Thames…. Oh I’m so excited!!!!!!!). I soooooo can’t wait to get my chair and reclaim some of my lost freedom!!!! wooooohooo!

It’s amazing how quickly news like this can change my mood- I’ve gone from being really rather depressed to being ecstatically happy! Not had a night as bad as that since so I’m thinking it was a once off. Maybe my brain was just reminding me that the depression is still lingering at the back of my mind so I need to keep my coping skills fresh and practiced! ;^D


  1. Congrats! I'm getting a TiLite Aero, a folding model. At least, I hope so. I'm still going through all the red tape and whatnot. I can't wait, being cooped up in the house is crappy! :(

    Have fun with your wheels, make sure you put up pictures!

  2. i'm still waiting but i cant wait to get out of the house too! sooo excited and plan to take many photos, maybe even a video of me learning how to get up kerbs etc....should make for hilarous viewing!

    hope you get yours soon!